Korean Institute
in Central Asia
Korean Institute
in Central Asia

Korean Institute in
Central Asia

Institutes mission

Satisfying the needs of individuals, society, and the state in educational services, scientific research, and innovations by training competent personnel who are competitive in the job market.

The goal is to improve the quality of education and train competitive specialists.
The goal is to develop high-quality education and collaboration for in-depth research.
The goal is to shape a creative, well-rounded individual capable of becoming the intellectual potential of the Kyrgyz Republic (KR).
The goal is to conduct high-quality research focused on practical approach
Effective business relations and development of international partnerships.
Organization of practice-oriented advanced research.
Improvement of the quality of education and vocational training.
Effective corporate governance, resource development, and infrastructure development.
Korean Institute in
Central Asia
KICA is a legal entity, has a seal with its full name, indicating the identification tax number and the image of the State Emblem of the Kyrgyz Republic. KICA has other seals, stamps, letterheads with its name, as well as a registered emblem and other means of individualization in accordance with established procedures. KICA may, on its behalf, acquire and exercise property and personal non-property rights, bear obligations indicated in the Charter.
KICA has an independent balance sheet, settlement accounts in national and foreign currencies in banks, opened in accordance with the legislation of the Kyrgyz Republic, and owns separate property on the right of operational management.
The founder of KICA is a citizen of the Kyrgyz Republic, Sherikulova Minara Anarbekovna.
Date of initial state registration: June 23, 2017
Certificate of state registration of a legal entity:
Certificate of state registration of a legal entity:
Series GPU No. 0027369 dated August 17, 2017.
Registration number: 167220-3301-О-е
OKPO code: 29990294
Taxpayer Identification Number: 02306201710020
Organizational-legal form
– Institution.

Form of ownership
– Private.
Licenses and
KICA License
Regional studies
Certificate of state re-registration of the legal entity KICA.
Certificate of Program Accreditation in the Field of Linguistics

IT License with Appendix 2023
Tourism license
Certificate of KKC state re-registration
KKC license on campus and part time
Accriditation certifiaction 2023
Masters certificate
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