Integration processes in CA countries

The aim of the course is to form students' understanding and knowledge of   regional and world integration processes as integral forms of modern dynamics of international relations of CA countries. Formation of students' holistic understanding of the meaning, content, regularities and peculiarities of the emergence, development and current state of integration processes in the countries of CA. The role of international organizations in the structure of modern regional and world politics and the problems and prospects of participation of the Kyrgyz Republic in these processes.
Course Objectives:
- mastery of basic concepts and terms;
- reveal the main trends in the development of the system of international relations in CA;
 - analyze the geopolitical reality of the modern world;
- explore the functions of integration;
- consider the technology of integration process management;
 - compare existing integration associations and identify common patterns and differences on their basis;
 - develop students' skills in analyzing multi-level political governance and regional integration.
As a result of studying this discipline the student should know: prerequisites and essence of integration;
- forms of integration associations;
- characterization of the main integration processes;
- the main international organizations, the scope of their activities.
As a result of studying this discipline, the student should be able to be able: to navigate confidently enough in various forms of integration associations and spheres of activity of international organizations;
Critically evaluate the role of countries in the region and international organizations in world politics;
As a result of studying this discipline, the student must own:
- necessary theoretical knowledge and practical skills to promote the interests of the Kyrgyz Republic in the process of regional and world integration.
- skills of analyzing modern integration processes in CA;
- methods of forecasting world integration processes.