Practical course of the first foreign language

The purpose of teaching the discipline as a general education subject is the formation of linguistic, discursive and socio-cultural competence of students. The content of linguistic competence includes knowledge of phonetics, vocabulary and grammar of the Korean language within the limits defined by the standard program. Discursive competence involves knowledge and skills of communicative activity (communication) on topics defined by the program for professional communication. The sociocultural component develops students' intercultural communication skills taking into account the realities of Kyrgyzstan and the countries of the target language. The objectives of the course are the formation and improvement of skills and abilities:
- give presentations at conferences in Korean;
- Preparing reports and essays in Korean at the elementary level;
- listening comprehension of native speakers;
- Speaking Korean in the scope of the program topics with phonetically correct speech;
- Compose essays for participation in educational programs;
- practical translation activity in the profile of the chosen specialty.