The discipline "Lexicology" is based on the principle of complex study of lexicology as a discipline in the system of linguistic sciences in the framework of intercultural communication (as a discipline in the system of philological sciences) and is aimed at the formation of the general culture of the personality of the learner and at the preparation of students for practical and research activities of future specialists.
The main focus of this course is to reveal the patterns of development of vocabulary and phraseology in the Korean language. The vocabulary of a language is closely connected with the life of society. All the changes taking place in the social, political and cultural life of the people speaking the language are reflected in the vocabulary of the language in one way or another: new words and expressions appear, a number of words and phrases go out of active use, the meanings of some words change.
The discipline of the professional cycle is a special one, which establishes the knowledge necessary to obtain knowledge, skills and abilities.