Literature of Korea

The discipline "Literature of Korea" gives an explanation about literature of Korea as an art form, gives an explanation - what a literary and artistic work is, how it developed, what laws of creativity it is created by, teaches the ability to analyze and interpret a literary work to understand the depth of content and mastery of form. There is a growing number of people who are interested not only in Korea itself, but also in studying the language, literary history, and culture of Korea. The course will provide a study of the literature of Korea from its earliest stage of development. Students will also have the opportunity to learn the legends and lore of Korea and to become acquainted with the outstanding poets and writers of Korea. This elective course is a specialized course that establishes the knowledge necessary to acquire the knowledge, skills and abilities. The purpose of the Literature of Korea course is to familiarize students with Korean literature and the cultural and historical background that accompanies the creation of a work of words, and the fundamental concepts of literary science.